Thursday, October 23, 2008

Persons suffering from mental disabilities
are particularly vulnerable to discrimination.
Not only does this impact negatively on their
ability to access appropriate treatment and
care but the stigma associated with mental
illness means that they experience discrimination
in many other aspects of their lives,
affecting their rights to employment, adequate
housing, education, etc.

The United Nations Resolution on the Protection
of Persons with Mental Illness prohibits discrimination
on the grounds of mental illness.(19)

much to equal human rights heh?
there are feminisme,socialisme and etc..
but for those mentally-ill people..
there are those whom we care less..
is it because their mental state which draw away their rights as human..
if yes..then what defines human as human..???
is it the soul that contained within one's heart or just the brain enclosed in that empty skull..

Friday, October 3, 2008

DirEction anyone??

i used the same transport to class day in day out...
using the same route mainichi..
taking almost the same range of time to get there..
almost always to pass that location at almost always the same hour everyday...
seeing almost the same scenario everyday..
not paying much attention is how i perceived the path i took..
not knowing the existence is how the people whom i passed by particularly sees me..

but somehow...that day came to be a history for me..

i was listening to my mp3 which obviously not an iPod..

i was acknowledge..

" ano..sumimasen.."

before i looked up..will it be a hot girl who somehow realised the time I'll passed by and wait silently for me but could not longer just wait??

when i looked up..

dang! crashed! ruined! everything just shattered into pieces..
there is an old uncle who wants to ask direction..
Lol...its not even interesting anymore and how could i not be able to differentiate a guys voice and a girl's..
maybe I'm spending less and less time with human till i nearly forgot that important thing..

the next day i was stop again..
an old lady who ask me for direction still..

the next day..
i stop myself to ask an uncle whom seems a bit lost..

3 consecutive events??
it made me wonder..there are big signboard at almost every turn..

maybe that's for an older generation who had the disadvantage of cant afford an education before..
pity them...
but yet..among those who know how to read..
sometimes there got lost to..
or just the way of not wanting to understand things written..

either way,,
if you don't follow the guided pathway..
guess you'll get lost no matter where you are..
neither the literacy nor the directions are important..
its yourself who walk the feet that count...