Monday, September 22, 2008


ever felt like 
'the more i read...the 'dumb'er i felt....'
especially studying after examination....
aark..i did a huge mistake when answering the question..
how nice of the examiner of not laughing to my stupid mistakes...
baka ney? watashi..

well there are times u'll do mistakes..
thats normal for human being right??
but u could be really baka if you aren't learning after the incident...
reflecting and learning i shall in order to keep on moving...

i'll never regret my mistakes but regret i shall if i keep on doing the same mistakes and not moving on....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my vision....

there are lots of things that you think should not happen at the first place..
there are lots of things that whenever it happen to you..
you'll think that life is totally unfair..
there are times when you feel everyone is against you..
you even feel that everything around you is not good enough and that you want to change everything..
everything around you..

had it ever come cross your mind..
when there are too many mistake..
who to be blame?
in this case...
who shall be responsible..
people and things around that for sure came in different forms and sizes..
or you who of course unique but you are something that is flexible in which you could change yourself to fit things around you..

lessons will only come for those who want to learn..
greatness will only be great for those who acknowledge the achievement..
mistakes or imperfection will only be seen by perfectionist..

if its too hard to change what revolves around you..
why not try to change the way you see thing around you..
at least thats the closest and smallest thing that you could change..

when you change how you see the world..
things that seem to be unfortunate before will be something you really appreciate..

so not hope for the world to be change..
but lets try to change how we see the world..

Monday, September 1, 2008


when you first awaken from your sleep early in the morning..
what came into your mind??

1) darn! i'm late... then you rush off to the toilet..
2) why are you up sun?? i want to see more of the moon..
3) not right now..not when i just had a sweet dream...
4) thank God i'm awake for another day..

or you dont even bother to recall whats on your mind that early because you know that switch to your head had not been plug in???

matbe..its to lame to put an effort on what seem to be a tiny piece of unimportant stuff,right???

whats important to you may not be important to me and whats important to me may not bother you at all..

memory of what you felt after you awake may not be important to you whom had the ability to wake up almost everyday into a normal world.. will be important only to those whom knew they'll faced a difficult day that morning.. will be important only for those whom sleep is the saviour from the misery in this world...